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We create awesome software solutions that are used by thousands of clients world-wide.

Advanced Software Solutions

Over the years, we've come to be known as the software company that can develop what other software companies can't do... we've come to be known as the software company that can develop anything... yeah, anything! We can develop applications for desktop, server, web or mobile. We have even done proprietary hardware applications. Since our 1994 beginnings, we've primarily been a Microsoft technologies firm... but with nearly 100 developers, we can do Apple and Unix and our development languages extend beyond the current .NET and Java to the legacy Assembler, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal and more. We also have an SAP ABAP team. We've tapped into legacy application databases as well as current applications creating CRM's, intranets and other extension applications to make any company more effecient.

eBusiness Consulting

We've been behind dozens of our own startups over the past two and a half decades and assisted hundreds of others with their startups and thousands more with their web presence. From eCommerce, credit card processing, branding and designs to finding the best domain, we've done it all. We've helped with social media, online advertising, content and other forms of marketing. We've helped clients acquire their competition as well as sell their business. Simply put, we do it all!


We launched our first three startups in 1998 and all three were a huge success. Two were toy companies one of which became the largest online dealer of its kind. Since then, we've incubated many of our own startups... but beginning in 2017, we're investing in other startups becoming the seed investor and helping someone with a great idea take it to the next level. Our new incubator is Ideas.net. We'll have more information soon on that.

Our clients say about us

Matt Griffith is the best example of a business partner I have ever had. His morals and integrity are the driving force of his business and character. If more CEO's had the integrity and character of Matt, all businesses would be successful. I would highly recommend Merlix to anyone for any programming, website, server or PC needs.

D. Schumaker, Network Analyst at BB&T

Where do I start? Matt and I were introduced by a mutual friend who said "This guy is a genius"...and he was correct. I've never known anyone with so many solidly innovative computer and IT ideas and projects as Matt Griffith. We've wrapped several large jobs between Merlix LLC and Spoken Word Images, Inc. I have recommended Merlix to many of our radio and production clients who have IT needs.

P. Bunch, President at Spoken Word Images Inc.

Matt is a dedicated, intelligent, and hard-working professional who uses his skills in creative ways to help people with their businesses. You can't go wrong working with Matt.

L. Holmes, Owner at Healing Sites Network LLC

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